Outpatient Relapse Prevention Programs

“A treatment program that lasts as long as the patient needs it.”
Full Circle's San Anselmo Office

Full Circle's San Anselmo Office

Full Circle's Relapse Prevention Programs are individualized drug & alcohol rehab addiction treatment services. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, programs are customized to client's schedule & individual needs. Services include individual therapy, therapeutic groups & drug testing.

Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services is excited to announce the opening of two new outpatient services. The Full Circle Relapse Prevention Program and the Full Circle Therapeutic Group and Drug Testing Service.  

Full Circle's Outpatient Relapse Prevention Program is an individualized drug & alcohol addiction treatment service for men and women in the tenuous early months of recovery. Lead by Kristina Wandzilak and Paul Mara, a licensed therapist, with a specialty in relapse prevention, the RPP is an alternative to traditional outpatient treatment programs. Focused on the intricate, complicated and challenging issues of early sobriety, the service provides extensive recovery care while building and maintaining active lives. The RPP is completely customizable, and can align with even the most challenging client schedules.
Our highly-respected team of addiction specialists are passionate about recovery and dedicated to providing the highest level of care for our clients. We consider it our privilege to guide our clients and their families into a life of long-term recovery. Full Circle is internationally recognized for providing effective and individualized treatment to our clients all over the world.


  • One private session weekly with a Full Circle Recovery Care professional.

  • Two educational/process groups weekly-Tuesday and Thursday 630 to 830pm

  • All scheduled and random drug testing and documentation. We require a minimum of two drug tests weekly with a maximum of three.

  • 24-hour staff support.


Full Circle’s therapeutic group program is a monthly service offering education/process groups focused on relapse prevention. For our clients who have strong continuing care plans but are wanting the added support of a therapeutic group experience, along with drug testing, our TGS offers twice weekly groups and drug testing and documentation. Focused on relapse prevention and facilitated by Kristina Wandzilak and Paul Mara, MFT, the service is a valuable addition to long term treatment plans.

The service includes clinical outreach, collaborating with the clinical care team already working with our clients. This collaboration allows for a cohesive and transparent continuum of care. Aligning with the clinical professionals, allows the FC team to address and support the therapeutic process our clients are currently engaged in creating a full spectrum of outpatient treatment.  

In addition, drug testing and documentation of the results are also included. We test up to three times weekly. The FCTGS is an ongoing monthly service and is a valuable addition to any current treatment plan.

Please call the office directly for further questions. Welcome to the Full Circle family.