Intervention Services

Full Circle Intervention

Intervention... the word conjures up many images. At the most basic level, intervention is about re-establishing the connection between the family member suffering from untreated addiction and their loved ones, through a carefully managed respectful Intervention process.

At Full Circle Intervention our professional interventionist move a level deeper, and address the whole family environment that may unintentionally be enabling the addiction to continue. The Full Circle Intervention specialist team recognizes that what needs to be treated is a disease affecting a whole circle of family and friends, never just the addicted person.

We facilitate and encourage a system-wide change to break down old ways of interacting with the illness, which may be creating detours to successfully treating illness. At Full Circle we will help to motivate the addicted person toward the appropriate treatment through firm and compassionate coaching, and work to launch the whole family into a process of change.

The aftercare program is designed to help the family come back together when the addicted person leaves treatment, facilitating the rebuilding of damaged relationships and encouraging the addicted person to pursue their recovery for the long term. Studies show that the combination of love, respect and the preservation of dignity is the only way to achieve long term results and lasting sobriety.

Our Process

At the initial phone inquiry, first we listen, and then we explain how we might work with you.

The assessment includes the key family members and the purpose of the assessment is to gather a full history on the addicted person and the family system. We educate on the intervention process and decide the most effective approach for each individual family. Once the decision is made to proceed. We begin to plan the intervention process.

The assessment is two hours and offered in person and via conference calls. Full Circle Intervention specialist team do travel and we work with families all over the world. All Full Circle professional interventionist are thoroughly trained, insured and have various degrees and addiction certifications.

Please call us for more details of the different types of Intervention, the process we follow and which is right for you and your family:

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