Full Circle Recovery Center FAQ’s

  1. What services does Full Circle offer?
    Full Circle offers Intervention, Intensive Outpatient, Recovery Care Management, and Sober Living.

  2. How do I know what Full Circle program is right for me?
    An assessment with a Full Circle recovery care specialist is scheduled upon your initial inquiry to determine which Full Circle program is right for you.

  3. Does Full Circle accept insurance?
    Full Circle is out of network with all insurance companies, accepting most PPO plans. We currently accept insurance for Full Circle Intensive Outpatient, and Recovery Care Management Services. Your benefits can be verified generally within 24hrs.

  4. How much do Full Circle Programs Cost?
    Our premier recovery programs vary in cost. Please call the Full Circle office at 415-202-6255 and we will answer any specific questions you may have. Full Circle is committed to guiding our clients into long term sobriety by creating a supportive environment of education, support and practice. It is a commitment that extends into every facet of a person's daily life.