Our Process

At the initial phone inquiry, first we listen, and then we explain how we might work with you. This is immediately followed by:

Assessment Meeting or Phone Conference

  • We gather your history.
  • We go into more depth with you about the Intervention and the most suitable process to help your particular family, in order to create the best outcome for the addicted person as well as the family as a whole.
  • The type of Intervention model is discussed and explained thoroughly; depending on the details of each case, the "invitational" or the "surprise" model of intervention is chosen.
  • Treatment and after care options are reviewed.
  • Participants for the Intervention itself are identified.

The Invitational Model

  • At Full Circle we specialize in a non-confrontational 'family focused' intervention.
  • After the assessment is complete the family is carefully coached on how to inform and invite the addicted individual to the Intervention workshop.
  • The family group meets for the proactive and powerful intervention process.
  • The effects of addiction and co-dependency on the whole family are explained and discussed.
  • We clearly identify what needs to change in the family system and we look at and discuss new family norms.
  • We make firm treatment recommendations for the addicted person.
  • In the majority of interventions the addicted person enters treatment the same day.

The Johnson (Surprise) Model

Used less often, and considered by many in the field to be less respectful than the invitational model of Intervention, the Johnson model is still relevant to certain situations; our team is highly sensitive to these occasions where this model can be most successful.  When correctly assessed, carefully and compassionately carried out, it’s as effective as the Invitational model.

Follow Up and After Care

There are a variety of programs offered, from three to six months. During these sessions the whole family is coached to review progress and given much needed support during the exciting but sometimes turbulent days of early recovery and change.

The addicted person is followed through treatment and carefully monitored.

Once they complete treatment they are included in the after care sessions, which helps the whole family begin to heal and come together in a healthier and happier way.

All Full Circe interventionists are thoroughly trained and experienced in both models of Intervention.

Please call us for more details of the different types of Intervention, the process we follow and which is right for you and your family. 888.206.1350