Ole-Jan Hafstad, RAS-I, BA, & CENAPS

Partner & executive director

“The stories of those being lost and finding themselves again continues to light my passion for this work.”

As a trained counselor in relapse prevention and Case Manager at Full Circle, Ole-Jan has dedicated his professional life to helping addicts and alcoholics stay sober. After losing his father to alcoholism at a young age, and nearly losing his own life to alcoholism and addiction, he has dedicated his life to staying sober and helping other addicts and alcoholics.

Ole-Jan works 1:1 with each client coming out of treatment to ensure that all areas of their daily life receive necessary support. His passion is in helping them to build a sober support system and develop their relapse prevention skills. He assists each client with compassion and understanding, helping them to take ownership of their recovery. In his own words, "relapse is a process, not an event."