A New Year and A New Website

Happy New Year 

2016 has come to a close and 2017 is upon us. With new resolutions and hopes for a bright year, we begin to walk forward into the visions created for ourselves. I continue to look forward to guiding and walking beside all the Full Circle clients and guests, as dreams become the new reality. Sobriety is a bittersweet journey of recovering all that was lost to the murderous disease of addiction and it is the greatest privilege to bare witness to the deep and profound changes that happen in early recovery. Thank you for trusting Full Circle to spark the light of clarity and ilumminate the way home. 

With the new year, Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services has a new website. Please visit our site and call the office with any questions about our services. http://www.fullcirclerecoverycenter.net

The Full Circle Team wishes you a happy and blessed new year. 

Sober and Shameless,

Kristina Wandzilak, CAS, CIP

Founder and President