Nata Oberg, BA, RAS-I

Recovery Care Specialist

“You can get to the other side, but you never do it by yourself. You’ll always have people by your side.”

Nata is a Bay Area born UC Berkeley graduate with over 7 years' experience working closely with those in the beginning stages of recovery. She knows addicts and alcoholics are some of the most talented and wonderful people in the world when sober, and is committed to be of maximum service to them. Her several years of sobriety has helped her develop an effective mode of communication with addicts and alcoholics. She knows firsthand the difficulties inherent to those unused to living sober; often it is stressful and scary at the outset with the possibility of imminent consequences (personal, professional and legal) of past behavior.

With a professional, yet compassionate and warm demeanor, she helps guide the newly sober towards good decision making habits. While striving to be a strong and creative support, she often thinks outside convention for ways to help clients enjoy life in a long-term sobriety.