Surround Yourself with Success

The first 12 months of sobriety are the most challenging for the newly sober individual. The reentry into their daily lives after the structured care of residential care can be overwhelming and create tremendous anxiety. It is in the first 12 months, as the individual is trying desperately to acclimate to their new lives and change thought processes and behaviors, that relapse is most common.

Full Circle Addiction and Recovery Services is a leading, full service addiction consulting practice. It is nationally recognized as offering the highest level of professionalism and compassionate, effective care that has helped hundreds of individuals and their families to secure long-term recovery.

In keeping with our mission, Full Circle is committed to guiding our clients into long term sobriety by creating a supportive environment of education and practice with the goal of restoring healthy, balanced living and reclaiming a productive place in society.

Our mission is to provide individuals recovering from chemical dependency with the tools, knowledge, and support to succeed in long-term sobriety. We are committed to assisting each client through the roadblocks of early recovery and will help build a solid foundation upon which each person can achieve his/her goals.  We understand the challenges our clients face, and want to help bring them “Full Circle” to the persons they were before addiction intervened.  The newly sober individual is in a unique transitional space and typically needs specialized assistance to face both the past and the future.  Our goal is to not just help our clients live sober, but to help them live fully.