Dr. Patricia Weiss, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

“Addiction is a progressive disease... There is no good outcome unless you get help, unless you become sober.”

Dr. Weiss grew up in Marin County and attended Tam High, graduating early in order to go on a world trip to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and India, as well as Thailand and Sri Lanka. She studied Indian classical violin and performed in Thailand with an all Thai bluegrass band. Patti then returned home to UC Berkeley and Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1999 and her license in 2002.

Dr. Weiss has specialized in addiction and recovery, working at many prestigious treatment programs. She specializes in neuropsychological testing and also working with dual diagnosis clients. She has worked in the courts as an expert witness for 10 years, working on cases such as the priest abuse case in Los Angeles. She has completed 3,000 assessments, and 500 of these were in the court system. Dr. Weiss loves working in the field of addiction and recovery. She has two Border Terriers and still plays the violin.