Full Circle Sober Living - San Rafael

Premier Sober Living Community For Women in Marin COunty

Full Circle Living: San Rafael is a small 6 bed residence for women nestled in the vibrant green hills of San Rafael. Expansive views overlook a quiet and quaint tree-lined neighborhood, where public transportation, convenient shopping and daily recovery meetings are just a short walk away. From the beautifully appointed kitchen, to the bright, open living spaces comes a warm, serene environment where women can feel safe and supported as they transition into their new sober lives.  This calming environment is a welcoming retreat for the difficult early days in recovery, when the newly sober can become easily overwhelmed and need a place of peace at the end of the day. 

Full Circle's residential sober community is one of the top sober living programs in California. Our sober living houses are an ideal option for those who need extra support in recovery after treatment. We pride ourselves in offering an ideal living situation for recovering addicts to continue their journey of sobriety by receiving professional care and support.